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About us

We are an owner operating company with more than 20 years of moving transportation, mainly engaged in home transportation, factory transportation and other transportation services. Our main customers are in Greater Sydney and surrounding areas such as: Blue Mountain, Central coast, Newcastle, Southern Highlands and South coast. In addition, our company also undertakes various government departments, such as the Cumberland Council, Burwood Council, and a number of charitable organizations such as Wesley Mission, St Vincent de Paul, Mission Australia, Salvation Army etc.

Our company has:

1. 4 Ton truck, 1-2 bedroom unit, 25 cubic meter, $37.50 per half for 2 men (2 hours minimum, call out fee may be applied )
2. 5-6 ton truck, 2 bedroom plus garage or 3 bedroom, 37.50 cubic meter, $35 per half 2 men (2 hours minimum, call out fee may be applied )
3. 8-10 ton truck, 4 bedroom, 50 cubic meter, $40 per half hour for 2 men (2 hours minimum, call out fee may be applied )

The staff of our company work diligently and carefully, helping customers to disassemble furniture, and have double shrinking plastic wrapping and blanket to wrap furniture to avoid scratching and damage during transportation.

Our company has ten medium to large trucks for customers to choose from, and offers the most economical price, understand the customer's nerve and pressure when moving, and try to provide punctual, safe and friendly service.

ADD:79 Dudley St Lidcome NSW 2141
ABN: 12 110 070 249


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Contact: AAA Lucky Removal Pty Ltd

Phone: 0425338863

Tel: 02-96438888

Company: AAA Lucky Removal Pty Ltd

Add: 79 Dudley St Lidcombe NSW 2141